Frank Black: “The Marsist” (1995)

Frank writes a love song to a Martian mountain. Really.

Kronomyth 2.9: My Cydonia.

The opening salvo from The Cult of Ray was this feedback-drenched love song to the Martian mountain, Cydonia. Yeah, the one that looks like a woman’s face from a certain angle. The song is a good showpiece for Lyle Workman, Frank Black’s lead guitarist, who interjects some suitably spacy guitar into the proceedings. Otherwise, the song features the same vaguely familiar bar chord fury that Black has released in buckets over the years. The B side is far more interesting: a down-to-business cover of The Kinks’ Better Things, which was one of the better things from their album, Give The People What They Want. Black sticks to Ray Davies’ slightly nasal delivery, and you get the sense that he’s probably sung “Destroyer and “Art Lover” in the shower more than once. If you’re interested, Pearl Jam also recorded a version of “Better Things.” (Awkward silence.)

Original 7-inch single version

A1. The Marsist (Frank Black) (4:08)
B1. Better Things (Ray Davies) (2:25)

The Players

Frank Black (vocals, guitar), Scott Boutier (drums), David McCaffrey (bass, backing vocals), Lyle Workman (lead guitar, backing vocals). Produced by Frank Black; recorded by Matt Yelton.

The Pictures

Design by Inertia.

The Plastic

Released on limited edition 7-inch single in December 1995 in the UK (Dragnet, DRAGNET 109) and Germany (Dragnet, DRA 662671 7) with picture sleeve (3,000 copies).

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