Genesis: “In Too Deep” (1986)

You know you’ve got a good ballad on your hands when it can make Bob Hoskins seem romantic.

Kronomyth 16.1: Yes, we’re in it deep now.

R-r-ratmondian and I are shivering in our capsule, two flies in an ice cube, floating in the deep space between Genesis albums. Everything here under the binary star of Philesis is flash-frozen and pristinely preserved; music made for time capsules. A video archive shows that the once-warm citizens had adapted well to the cold, sterile environment. Everybody looks like Don Johnson, nobody looks like they’re having fun.

The second single from the invisible world was originally neurotic on the back side, later the light but unlucky “I’d Rather Be You.” The former is the neuroses common to the modern world, busy going nowhere, a dunce on a volcano. The European 7-inch single features an edited version of the nonalbum instrumental that sounds substantially different (and better) than the longer version. “I’d Rather Be You” is an actual song that might have been… oh, never mind, Ratmondian, it’s only so-so, and I’m soooo in the mood for So instead.

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Original 7-inch single

A1. In Too Deep (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford) (4:39)
B1. Do The Neurotic (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford) (5:23)

Original 7-inch single (US)
A1. In Too Deep (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford) (4:59)
B1. I’d Rather Be You (Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford) (3:54)

The Players

Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford. Produced by Genesis and Hugh Padgham; engineered by Hugh Padgham.

The Plastic

Released on 7-inch, 12-inch and 12-inch picture disc single in August 1986 in the UK (Virgin, GENS 2/GENS/GENSY2-12), France (Virgin/Charisma, 008947), Germany (Virgin, 108.449.100/608.449.213), Italy (Charisma/Virgin, VIN 45206) and Portugal (Virgin, 505427) and in April 1987 in the US (Atlantic, 7-89316) and Canada (Atlantic, 78 93167) with picture sleeve; reached #19 on the UK charts and #3 on the US charts.

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