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Chick Corea: Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (1968)

Kronomyth 2.0: NOW WE’RE TALKING. I tend to divide Chick Corea’s music into one of three categories: early fusion, early trio music and everything else. Now He Sings. Now He Sobs is the first of the early trio albums, featuring Roy Haynes on drums and Miroslav Vitous on acoustic bass. It’s here that listeners are introduced to the real Chick Corea: the complex writing, the prolix playing, the Latin themes. The opening “Steps – What Was” starts out as intellectual stuff but, midway through, shifts into one of those sublime, timeless Latin melodies that will be instantly recognizable to fans. This and “Now He Sings – Now He Sobs” could be considered the first classic Corea compositions for their blending of melody and complexity. The remaining pieces are notey, daunting, occasionally breathtaking but more often exhausting. Haynes and Vitous adopt unconventional stances throughout the record: Haynes with his rattling rim playing, Vitous with his sticky fingerstyle. What I enjoy about the early trio albums is their general fearlessness and transparency. The listener has the sense that they’re looking over Chick Corea’s shoulder, synchronized with him in the act of creation as new possibilities in the music are revealed, explored, abandoned, revisited. As exciting as that is, there are quite a few passages where it feels like Corea, Haynes and Vitous are off doing their own thing; maybe that’s just an aspect of their artistry that I don’t fully appreciate. Also, while I’m being honest, I’ve always found Miroslav Vitous to be an acquired taste, which I’m still in the process of acquiring. So, in summary, Now He Sings is half of album of classic Corea trio music and half an album of exploratory jazz punctuated by a wonderful question mark (“The Law of Falling And Catching Up”) at the end. In the 1980s, Blue Note repackaged this with the remaining tracks from the original sessions, many of which had turned up on earlier compilations such as Inner Space and Circling In.

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Miroslav Vitous Discography

Freedom Jazz Dance / Mountain In The Clouds / Epilogue / Cerecka / Infinite Search / I Will Tell Him On You / When Face Gets Pale. Released on elpee in 1969 in Japan (Embryo, P-7501A) and in 1970 in the US (Embryo, SD-524) with diecut cover. Re-packaged as Mountain In The Clouds on elpee in 1972 in the US and the UK (Atco, SD 1622) with different track order. Re-released under repackaged title on elpee in the 1970s in Germany (Atlantic, ATL50406) with a different cover. Re-released under original title on CD on July 31, 2001 (Collectables, 6176).

Basic Laws / New York City / Synthesizers Dance / Magical Shepherd / From Far Away / Aim Your Eye. Released on elpee in 1976 in the US (Warner Bros., BS 2925) and Germany (Warner Bros., WB 56219). Re-released on CD on May 20, 2003 in the US (Wounded Bird, 2925).

New York City (1976)
b/w Basic Laws. Released on 12-inch single in 1976 in the UK (Warner Bros., K17448T).

X Rated / See You, November / Majesty Music / New Orleans / Do You, Don’t You, Won’t You / Best Friends / Streams And Fields / Folks / Mount Shasta (Part 2) / Requiem For My Mother. Released on elpee in 1976 in the US (Arista, AL-4099).

Watching The Sunset Run / Bassamba / Tiger In The Rain / Concerto In E Minor / Pictures From Moravia / Sonata For A Dream. Released on elpee in 1977 in the US (Arista/Freedom, AF-1040) and Germany (Freedom, 741040).

Sunrise / Den Forste Sne / Will / Believer / Flight / Seasons. Co-credited to Terje Rypdal and Jack DeJohnette and released on elpee in 1979. Re-released on CD on May 8, 2001 (ECM, 21125).

Silver Lake / Beautiful Place To / Trees / Recycle / First Meeting / Concerto In Three Parts / You Make Me So Happy. Released on elpee in 1980 in Germany and Spain (ECM, ECM 1145). Re-released on CD on March 21, 1994 in Europe (ECM, 519280).

When Face Gets Pale / Second Meeting / Number Six / Inner Peace / Interplay / Gears / Sleeping Beauty / Eagle. Released on elpee in 1981 in the US (ECM-1-1185).

Trio Improvisation 1 / Trio Improvisation 2 / Trio Improvisation 3 / Duet Improvisations 1 / Duet Improvidations 2 / Trio Improvisation 4 / Trio Improvidation 5 / Slippery When Wet / Rhythm-A-Ning / ‘Round Midnight / Eeronel / Think of One / Little Rootie Tootie / Reflections / Hackensack. Co-credited to Chick Corea and Roy Haynes and released on 2LP in 1982 in the US and Germany (ECM, ECM 1232/3).

U Dunaje U Prepurka / Tess / Carry On, No. 1 / Paragraph Jay / Only One / Windfall. Released on elpee in 1983 in the US (ECM, ECM 1242). Re-released on CD on June 17, 1991 in Europe (ECM, 843 171-2).

Epilogue / Transformation / Emergence of The Spirit / Matter And Spirit / The Choice / Destruction Into Energy / Wheel of Fortune (When Face Gets Pale)/ Regards To Gershwin’s Honeyman / Alice In Wonderland / Morning Lake For Ever / Variations On Spanish Themes. Released on elpee in 1986. Re-released on CD on March 6, 2001 (ECM, 827 855).

STAR (1991)
Star / Jumper / Lamenting / Anthem // Roses For You / Clouds In The Mountain / Snowman / The Music of My People. Co-credited to Jan Garbarek and Peter Erskine and released on CD in 1991 in the US and Germany (ECM, ECM 1444).

ATMOS (1993)
Pegasos / Goddess / Forthcoming / Atmos / Time Out Part I / Direvision / Time Out Part II / Helikon / Hippukrene. Co-credited to Jan Garbarek and released on CD in 1993. Re-released on CD on March 15, 1994 (ECM, 21475).

His Meaning – Rising – Resolution / Inner Peace / Guardian Angels / Off To Buffalo / Eating It Raw / Shinkansen. Released on CD on August 15, 1993 in the US (Evidence, 22055). Re-released on CD on August 26, 2002 (3D).

Earth Cycle / Blue Funk / Sunday Sun / Blues / Duet / Improvisation / Improvisation / My Man’s Gone Now / Somethin’ Fun / Softly As In A Morning Sunrise / Slav In Prav / Minority. Released on CD on May 1, 1996 (MMC Recordings, 2013).

Bamboo Forest / Univoyage / Tramp Blues / Faith Run / Sun Flower / Miro Bop / Beethoven / Medium / Brazil Waves. Released on CD on September 30, 2003 in the US (ECM, ECM1863).