Weezer: “Hash Pipe” (2001)

What better way to promote Weezer’s new album than a song about drugs and transvestite prostitutes?

Kronomyth 3.1: I guess it rains down in Africa.

Seriously, this has to be my least-favorite single from Weezer’s third album. When will bands learn that “Peter Gunn” and “Wild Thing” are poison? Also, the lyrics are indecipherable. At first, the only thing I liked about the song was the line “I got my ass wiped,” until I realized Rivers really was singing about a hash pipe. What any of it has to do with a transvestite hooker (the song’s purported theme) is beyond me. Thank goodness it rocks.

The various singles included a variety of unreleased tracks and treats, none of which are better than what turned up on the green album. Starlight and Teenage Victory Song are effective examples of the band’s minor-key, post-punk/Beatles sound. The Jimmy Pop remix of “Hash Pipe” is nothing special. I Do is even gayer than “Hash Pipe.”

And that would be the end of it, except that Toto released their own version of “Hash Pipe” in response to Weezer’s cover of “Africa.” At least they had the sense to steer clear of “Peter Gunn.”

Original 7-inch single version (US)

A1. Hash Pipe
B1. I Do

Original 7-inch single version (UK)
A1. Hash Pipe
B1. Teenage Victory Song

Original 7-inch single version (Europe)
A1. Hash Pipe
B1. Starlight

Original CD single version (UK)
1. Hash Pipe
2. Starlight
3. Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix)
4. Hash Pipe CD-ROM video

Original CD single version (EUR)
1. Hash Pipe
2. I Do
3. Starlight
4. Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix)

All songs written by Rivers Cuomo.

The Players

Produced by Ric Ocasek; mixed by Tom Lord-Alge; engineered by Ken Allardyce.

The Plastic

Released on 7-inch and CD single in July 2001 in the US (Geffen, 75597), the UK (Geffen, 497 567-7, 497 564-2) and Europe (Geffen, 497 568-2) with picture sleeve and cover variations. Also released as one-track promotional CD single in 2001 in the US (Geffen, INTR-10362-2) and Germany (Geffen/Motor). Reached #21 on the UK charts.

Hash Pipe 45 rpm sleeve
Geffen 497 567-7 picture sleeve

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