Ron Wood Discography

The ladies tend to go for singers and lead guitarists, but don’t tell that to Ron Wood. For the better part of four decades, the man has scored his share while shining in the shadow of some of rock’s biggest stars: Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards. Along the way, Ron (or Ronnie, depending) has released about a dozen studio and live albums with various high-profile guests, featuring an eclectic mix of rock songs and a serviceable if somewhat raspy voice that suggests The Faces, Rod Stewart or The Rolling Stones on a more modest scale.

His first solo album, I’ve Got My Own Album To Do (1974), was something of a screen test for the Stones, with cameos from Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Mick Taylor. Wood’s second solo album, Now Look (1975), featured fewer stars and included some leftover tracks from the first album. Gimme Some Neck (1979), released after Wood was established in the Stones, became his highest-charting record and featured all of his current bandmates (and Taylor) with the exception of Bill Wyman. For the supporting tour, Wood formed The New Barbarians with bassist Stanley Clarke. 1 2 3 4 (1981) went largely ignored, however, and Wood didn’t release another solo album for more than a decade.

Although his solo albums in the 90s and onward haven been infrequent, they’re quite good. In 2010, he released a new album, I Feel Like Playing, which featured contributions from Slash, Billy Gibbons and Flea. In addition to music, Ronnie the renaissance man has released several volumes of artwork, proving that he can draw a crowd in more ways than one.

The Discography

I Can Feel The Fire / Far East Man / Mystifies Me / Take A Look At The Guy / Act Together / Am I Groovin’ You / Shirley / Cancel Everything / Sure The One You Need / If You Gotta Make A Fool of Somebody / Crotch Music. Released on elpee on September 13, 1974 in the UK and France (Warner Bros., K 56065), the US (Warner Bros., BS 2819), Argentina (Music Hall, 14.160) and Japan (Warner Bros., P-8505W). Re-packaged as Cancel Everything on elpee in October 1985 in the UK (Thunderbolt, THBL 2.034) and Australia (Possum, POSSUM5), and on CD in 1992 in Japan (Thunderbolt, MSIF-7027). Repackaged w. Now Look as Sure The One You Need on 2LP in Germany (Perfect Beat, PB006-2). Re-released on CD on September 13, 1994 in the US and Germany (Warner Archives, 45692-2), on May 24, 2006 in Japan (Warner Bros., WPCR-75191) and in 2009 in the UK (Rhino Encore, 99053).

I Can Feel The Fire (1974)
b/w Breathe On Me. Released on 7-inch in November 1974 in the UK (Warner Bros., K16463). Also released as stereo/mono promo 7-inch in 1974 in the US (Warner Bros., WB8036). Re-released on 3-track 12-inch colored vinyl and picture disc in 1987 in Germany (Perfect Beat, PB12.004) with “Sure The One You Need” and “Am I Grooving You.”

NOW LOOK (1975)
I Got Lost When I Found You / Big Bayou / Breathe On Me / If You Don’t Want My Love / I Can Say She’s Allright // Carribean Boogie / Now Look / Sweet Baby Mine / I Can’t Stand The Rain / It’s Unholy / I Got A Feeling. Released on elpee on July 4, 1975 in the UK (Warner Bros., K56145), the US and Australia (Warner Bros., BS 2872), Japan (Warner, P-10027W), Mexico (Warner Bros./Gamma, GWEA 5173) and Yugoslavia (Suzy, WB56145); reached #118 on the US charts. Re-released on elpee and CD in November 1987 in the UK (Thunderbolt, THBL/CDTB-046). Re-released on picture elpee in the late 1980s in the UK (Thunderbolt, THBL-046P). Re-released on CD on September 13, 1994 in the US and Germany (Warner Archives, 45693-2), on May 24, 2006 in Japan (Warner Bros., WPCR-75192) and in 2009 in the UK (Rhino Encore, 99054).

If You Don’t Want My Love (1975)
b/w I Got A Feeling. Released on 7-inch in October 1975 in the UK (Warner Bros., K16618) and Portugal (Warner Bros., NS-63-92).

Big Bayou (1976)
b/w Sweet Baby Mine. Released on 7-inch in January 1976 in the UK (Warner Bros., K16679).

Tonight’s Number / From The Late To The Early / Chicken Wired / I’ll Fly Away / Title One / Just For A Moment / Mons The Blues / Car Radio / Hay Tumble / Wooly’s Thing / Rooster Funeral. Co-credited to Ronnie Lane and released on elpee in September 1976 in the UK (Atlantic, K 50308) and the US and Canada (Atco, SD36-126). Re-released on elpee in December 1988 in the UK (Thunderbolt, THBL-067). Released on CD in Japan (Wizard, EVA 5007). Re-released on expanded, 180g vinyl elpee with five bonus tracks in 1999 in Italy (Get Back, GET517).

Worry No More / Breakin’ My Heart / Delia / Buried Alive / Come To Realise / Infekshun / Seven Days / We All Get Old / F.U.C. Her / Lost And Lonely / Don’t Worry. Released on elpee on April 20, 1979 in the UK and the Netherlands (CBS, 83337), the US and Canada (Columbia, JC 35702), Australia (CBS, SBP 237284), Colombia (CBS, 141288) and Japan (CBS/Sony, 25AP-1580); reached #45 on the US charts. Re-packaged w. 1234 on 2LP in May 1990 in the UK (Castle, TFOLP025). Re-issued on elpee in the US (Columbia, PC 35702). Re-released on CD in the US (Columbia, CK 35702) and Japan (Sony, SRCS-6173) and in 2006 in Japan (Sony, MHCP-1025).

Seven Days (1979)
b/w Come To Realise (UK), Breakin’ My Heart (US/AUSL), Lost And Lonely (JPN/NET). Released on 7-inch in August 1979 in the UK (CBS, SCBS 7785), the US and Canada (Columbia, 3-11014), Australia (CBS, 222550), Japan (CBS/Sony, 06SP 326) and the Netherlands (CBS, CBS83337) with picture sleeve.

1 2 3 4 (1981)
Fountain of Love / 1, 2, 3, 4 / Outlaws / Down To The Ground / Wind Howlin’ Through / She Never Told Me / Red Eyes / Priceless / She Was Out There. Released on elpee and cassette on September 2, 1981 in the UK and the Netherlands (CBS, 85227/40-85227), the US and Canada (Columbia, FC 37473), Australia (CBS, SBP237698) and Japan (CBS/Sony, 25AP-2149); reached #164 on the US charts. Re-released on CD in 2006 in Japan (Sony, MHCP-1026).

Live tracks: Road Runner / I’m A Man / Crackin’ Up / Hey Bo Diddley / Plynth – Water Down The Drain / Ooh La La / They Don’t Make Outlaws Like They Used To / Honky Tonk Women / Money To Ronnie. Co-credited to Bo Diddley and released on elpee and CD on April 20, 1988 in the US (Victory, 383480008-2) and Japan (JVC/Victor, VIL-28122). Re-released on CD in 1998 in Japan (Victor, VDP-1329).

Show Me (1992)
b/w Breathe On Me. Released on CD single in August 1992 in the UK and the US (Continuum, 12210-2) and Australia (Continuum, D11477).

Somebody Else Might / Testify / Ain’t Rock And Roll / Josephine / Knock Yer Teeth Out / Ragtime Annie (Lillie’s Bordello) / Must Be Love / Fear For Your Future / Show Me / Always Wanted More / Thinkin’ / Like It / Breathe On Me. Released on CD on September 9, 1992 in the US (Continuum, 19210-2) and Japan (Continuum, SRCS-6617). Re-released on expanded CD (with one bonus track, “Somebody Else Might (remix)”) in 1998 in Austria (Koch, 332802).

Like It (1992)
Co-credited to Hothouse Flowers and released as a one-track promotional CD single in 1992 in the US (Continuum, 12211-2).

Josephine (1992)
b/w Josephine (In Your Face Mix). Released as promotional CD single in 1992 in the US (Continuum, 13210-2).

Somebody Else Might (1993)
b/w Ain’t Rock & Roll. Released on CD single in March 1993 in the US (Continuum, 14210-2). Also released as one-track promotional CD single in 1993 in the US (Continuum, 14210).

Always Wanted More (Strat Mix) (1993)
b/w Always Wanted More (Strad Mix). Released as promotional CD single in 1993 in the US (Continuum, 15210-2).

Stay With Me (live) (1993)
b/w Josephine (remix) + Somebody Else Might (remix). Released on 3-track 12-inch and CD single in September 1993 in the UK (Continuum, 12CTUM102), the US (Continuum, 12309-2) and Australia (Festival, D11592). Also released as two-track promotional CD single in 1993 in the US (Continuum, 12309-2P) featuring edit and LP versions of “Stay With Me.”

Live tracks: Testify / Josephine / Pretty Beat Up / Am I Groovin’ You? / Flying / Breathe On Me / Silicon Grown / Seven Days / Show Me & Show Me (Groove) / I Can Feel The Fire / Around The Plinth / Gasoline Alley / Traditional / Stay With Me. Released on 2LP and CD on September 28, 1993 in the UK (Continuum, CTUM3), the US (Continuum, 19309-2) and Japan (Sony, SRCS-6855). Re-released on expanded CD (with two bonus tracks) in 1997 in Japan (Ariola, BVCP-6087).

Live tracks: Show Me / Flying / Testify / Pretty Beat Up / Always Wanted More / Breathe On Me / Silicone Grown / Black Limousine / Little Red Rooster / Stay With Me / Josephine / I Know I’m Losing Me / It’s Only Rock And Roll. Recorded live in 1992/93 and released on CD on April 3, 2000 in the UK (Burning Airline, PILOT70) with bonus five-track CDEP and Japan (Burning Airline, MSIF-3730). Re-packaged w. Mick Taylor’s 14 Below as No Stone Unturned on 2CD on June 7, 2004 in the UK (Alchemy, SBOX9).

Wayside / Rock N’ Roll Star / Whadd’ya Think / This Little Heart / Leaving Here / Hypershine / R.U. Behaving Yourself? / Be Beautiful / Wake Up You Beauty / Interfere / Real Hard Rocker / Heart, Soul And Body / King of Kings. Released on CD in 2001 in Japan (SPV, CRCL-4795) and on August 13, 2002 in the US (Steamhammer, 72762).

Show Me / Flying / Always Wanted More / Stay With Me / I Know I’m Losing You / It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll / Mona The Blues / Rooster Funeral / Tonight Number / I Can Feel The Fire (live). Compilation released on CD in 2003 in the UK (Alchemy/Start Up, STRTR 166).

I Can Feel the Fire / Cancel Everything / Far East Man / Big Bayou / If You Don’t Want My Love / 1234 / Fountain of Love / Seven Days (Live) / Always Wanted More / Breathe On Me / Somebody Else Might / Josephine / Testify (Live) / Whaddya Think / This Little Heart / Little Mixed Up // You Strum And I’ll Sing / You’re On My Mind / You Don’t Love Me / No Good Without You Baby / How Can It Be / Midway Down / The Girls Are Naked / I Ain’t Superstitious / All Shook Up / Plynth (Water Down The Drain) / Jailhouse Rock / Flying / Gasoline Alley / Miss Judy’s Farm / Too Bad / Maggie May / Stay With Me / Every Picture Tells A Story / Ooh La La / Everything Is Turning To Gold / Black Limousine. Compilation released on 2CD on September 26. 2006 in the UK (EMI, 5639552), the US (Virgin, 74523-2) and Japan (EMI, TOCP-70047/8).

Why You Wanna Go And Do A Thing Like That For / Sweetness My Weakness / Lucky Man / I Gotta See / Thing About You / Catch You / Spoonful / Well I Don’t Think So / 100% / Fancy Pants / Tell Me Somethin’ / Forever. Released on CD on September 28, 2010 in the UK (Eagle, EAGCD428).

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