Percy Jones Discography

Fretless bass guitarist best known for his work in the 70s fusion group Brand X. Jones has also lent his distinctive sound to albums by Brian Eno, Roy Harper, Jon Hassell, Nova and others, often in conjunction with his Brand X bandmates. Prior to Brand X, Jones had played bass with the late 60s avant-garde outfit The Liverpool Scene and even joined Soft Machine briefly during their 1976 tour. After Brand X broke up, Jones made some solo recordings in the 80s that surfaced on a pair of discs: Cape Catastrophe and Propeller Music. In the 90s, Jones formed a new fusion outfit, Tunnels, and released half a dozen albums with them. In 2010, Jones and his new trio, Bangtower, released their first disc, Casting Shadows.

The Discography

Lie / Cape Catastrophe / Slick / Hex / Barrio / Tunnels / Thin Line / Symphony In F Major. Originally released on CD in 1990 in Germany (Hot Wire, 9001C).

$10,000 Bookshelf / Heidelberg Switch / Barrio / Panic-Disorder / Count The Ways / Turn Around / Slick / Slack / All For A Better Way / Looking for a Sign of a New Life / Razorville / K2. Recorded from 1984-1988 and released on CD in 1990 in Germany (Hot Wire, 9004C).

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