Kingfish Discography

Kingfish is kind of a strange fish: an offshot of both Grateful Dead and New Riders of The Purple Sage. The band was formed by Matthew Kelly and ex-Rider Dave Torbert, both of whom had played with the Dead and in various bands before that. Bob Weir, a friend of Kelly’s, came along for the ride as did drummer Chris Herold (who had played with Kelly and Torbert in the infamous Horses) and lead guitarist Robby Hoddinott. Their first record, produced by Weir and Dead sound engineer Dan Healy, ran the gamut from country to rock and featured original material from Kelly, Torbert and Weir. A live album followed, after which Kelly and Torbert (now without Weir) re-tooled the band to include Michael O’Neil, Bob Hogins and former Wings-drummer Joe English. The resulting Trident (1978) failed to chart, and from that point you could put a fork in them. In the land of the Dead, however, nothing ever really dies but comes back in zombified form through repackages, reunions and archival releases. Relix is at the root of this army of unDead, although Sundown On The Forest (1999) is actually a new recording by Kelly (Torbert passed away in 1982).

The Discography

Lazy Lightnin’ / Supplication / Wild Northland / Asia Minor / Home To Dixie / Jump for Joy // Good-Bye Yer Honor / Big Iron / This Time / Hypnotize / Bye And Bye. Released on elpee in March 1976 in the US and Canada (Round, RXLA-564-G and/or RX-108) and the UK, France and Germany (United Artists, UAS-29922); reached #50 on the US charts. Re-released on CD on September 26, 1995 in the US (Arista, 14010) and on January 4, 2005 in the US (Rhino, R2-78993).

Hypnotize (1976)
b/w Supplication. Released on 7-inch in 1976 in the US (Round, RX-XW794). Also released as promotional 7-inch in 1976 in the US (Round, RX-XW794) with mono version of “Hypnotize” on the flip side.

Good-Bye Yer Honor (1977)
b/w Jump For Joy / I Hear You Knockin’. Released on 7-inch in 1977 in the UK (Jet, UP-36314) with picture sleeve. Also released as promotional 7-inch in 1977 in the UK (Jet, 20226).

LIVE ‘N’ KICKIN’(1977)
Live tracks: Good-Bye Yer Honor / Juke / Mule Skinner Blues / I Hear You Knockin’ / Jump For Joy / Overnight Bag / Jump Back / Shake And Fingerpop / Around And Around. Released on elpee in May 1977 in the US (Jet/United Artists JT-LA732-G); reached #103 on the US charts.

TRIDENT (1978)
Hard To Love Somebody / Cheyenne / Hurricane / My Friend / Magic Eyes / Movin’ Down The Highway / Hawaii / You And I / Feels So Good / Take It Too Hard. Released on elpee in 1978 in the US (Jet, JZ-35479) and the UK (Jet, JETLP-215).

Hard To Love Somebody (1978)
b/w Hawaii. Released on 7-inch in 1978 in the US and Canada (Jet, ZS8-5053) and the UK (Jet, JET-132). The UK version features a picture sleeve. Also released as a promotional 7-inch in 1978 in the US (Jet, ZS8-5053) with the mono version of “Hard To Love Somebody” on the flip side.

Mess Around / Put Your Hand On Me / My Pledge of Love / Taste of The Devil / Fox On The Run / Feels So Good // Hidden Charms / School Days / Roadrunner / Young Blood / Promised Land / Key To The Highway. Archival studio and live material recorded between 1973-1980 and released on elpee in 1985 in the US (Relix, RRLP-2005). Re-released on CD in the US (Relix, RRCD-2005).

Live tracks: Big Boss Man / Dancing In The Streets / Rip It Up / Holy Cow / Rumor At The Honky Tonk / Money Honey / Statesboro Blues / 40 Days And 40 Nights. Live album released on elpee in 1988 in the US (Relix, RRLP-2016). Re-released on CD in 1991 in the US (Relix, RRCD-2016).

Live tracks: Mystery Train / Mule Skinner Blues / Juke / Jump Back / The Battle of New Orleans / Goodbye Yer Honor / Big Iron / I Hear You Knockin’ / All I Need Is Time / Around And Around // C.C. Rider / Home To Dixie / Hidden Charm / Bye And Bye / Promised Land / Lazy Lightning / Jump For Joy / Asia Minor / New Minglewood Blues / One More Saturday Night. Live material recorded in 1976 and released on 2CD on February 27, 1996 in the US (King Biscuit, 88006). Re-packaged as Greatest Hits Live on CD on October 21, 2003 in the US (King Biscuit, 40026) featuring only 13 tracks (A1-A4/A6/A8/A10/B3-B7/B10).

Statesboro Blues / Next Time You See Me / Hidden Charms / School Days / Dangerous Relations / If That’s The Way / Put Your Hand On Me, Babe / Money Honey / Mona / Riding High / Taste of The Devil / Rip It Up / Key To The Highway. Compilation released on CD on January 7, 1997 in the US (Relix, RRCD-2084).

Live tracks: Overnight Bag / Jump For Joy / Jump Back / Juke / Right Direction / Asia Minor / Hypnotize / Taste of The Devil / Rattlesnake / Goodbye Yer Honor / I Hear You Knockin’ / Key To The Highway / The Battle of New Orleans / Sea Cruise. Live archival material released on CD on September 9, 1997 in the US (Relix, RRCD-2089).

Hurt Enough / Sundown On The Forest / It Don’t Take Much / Burning In My Heart / Ridin’ High / Padlock Cufflinks / Goodbye So Long / Every Little Light / Eyes of The Night / It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry / My Baby Left Me / Tennessee Blues / Starship Ride / Jump For Joy. Released on CD in April 1999 in the US (Phoenix Rising, 2001).

LIVE (2000)
Live tracks: Mystery Train – Mule Skinner Blues / Big Iron / I Hear You Knockin’ / C.C. Rider / Lazy Lightnin’ – Supplication / New Minglewood Blues / One More Saturday Night / Bye And Bye / Around And Around. Archival live material released on CD on April 11, 2000 in the US (EMI/Capitol Special Markets, 24594).

Live tracks: Juke / Goodbye Yer Honor / Battle Hymn / Big Iron / Jump Back / I Hear You Knockin’ / Around And Around / All I Need Is Time / Mystery Train – Mule Skinner Blues. Archival live material released on CD on November 29, 2001 in the Netherlands (Disky, SI-640422).

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