Godley & Creme: Goodbye Blue Sky (1988)

Kronomyth 7.0: GOODBYE GODLEY AND CREME. The human voice and the harmonica figure prominently on Goodbye Blue Sky. Since the doo-wop send-up of “Donna,” Godley and Creme have shown an uncanny facility for beautiful harmonies (with the inevitable lyrical wrench thrown in for good fun). Although this would appear to be a concept album about Armageddon, Goodbye Blue Sky is the most straightforward album they’ve made so far. It’s sweet, melodic, even conventional—at least as conventional an album as Godley and Creme seem capable of making. The vocal support from Londonbeat’s George Chandler, Jimmy Chambers and Jimmy Helms and the harmonica playing of Mark Feltham and Mitt Gamon nearly steal the show. The a capella opening will recall their last album, but that album was preternaturally dark. This album is more optimistic and sentimental; Godley and Creme believe the world can be saved (although I wouldn’t read a religious conversion in the text). The obvious winners here are “A Little Piece of Heaven,” “Don’t Set Fire (To The One I Love),” “Golden Rings” and “Sweet Memory,” some of the catchiest songs they’ve written since “Wedding Bells” and “Sale of the Century.” All of that said, the vocal harmonies and harmonica are layered on pretty thick on this record; initially, I found them a distraction. After you get past that, though, you’ll find it to be their most accessible album since Ismism. It is also, unfortunately, their last album, as the pair were now focused on film and video production, but a classier exit you couldn’t ask for.

Original LP Version
A1. H.E.A.V.E.N. (1:20)
A2. A Little Piece of Heaven (3:45)
A3. Don’t Set Fire (To The One I Love) (3:25)
A4. Golden Rings (4:12)
A5. Crime & Punishment (7:20)
A6. The Big Bang (2:30)
B1. 10,000 Angels (5:13)
B2. Sweet Memory (4:48)
B3. Airforce One (3:38)
B4. Last Page of History (4:00)
B5. Desperate Times (3:40)

All songs written by Godley & Creme.

CD reissue bonus tracks
12. A Little Piece of Heaven (extended mix)
13. Bits of Blue Sky
14. Hidden Heartbeat
15. Rhino Rhino
16. Can’t Sleep

The Players
Lol Creme (guitar, bass, keyboard & vocals), Kevin Godley (drums, percussion, vocals), Jimmy Chambers (back up vocals), George Chandler (back up vocals), Mark Feltham (harmonica), Mitt Gamon (harmonica), Jimmy Helms (back up vocals). Produced by Godley & Creme; engineered and mixed by Martyn Heyes.

The Plastic
Released on elpee, compact disc and cassette in 1988 in the UK (Polydor, POLH 40), the US (Polydor, 835 348-1/2/4) and Japan (Polydor, 28MM 0623/P32P 20151) with lyrics innersleeve.

  1. Re-issued on compact disc in 1991 in Japan (Polydor, POCP-2082).
  2. Re-released on super high material compact disc on June 23, 2010 in Japan (Polydor, UICY-94545) with 5 bonus tracks.

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