Electric Light Orchestra: “Evil Woman” (1975)

Long before Cee-Lo gave an F there was this kiss-off from ELO.

Kronomyth 5.1: ELO goes mid-evil.

Just when I think I spend too much time on discographical detail, I stumble across a page like www.jefflynnesongs.com/evilwoman. This is what my web site sees when it dreams. For example, I usually fudge the release dates by a week or more and I’m lucky to know the German release has a different B side. What Robert Porter has assembled here is a monument of metamusical data around a single luminous star, Jeff Lynne. Amazing stuff.

Since I couldn’t possibly add anything to the discussion elowise, I’ll instead point out that the witch motif is one familiar in music: evil woman, devil woman, witchy woman, woman of the night, etc. So is the lady of the road, the lady unloved, the lady lost. And so Kronomyth 5.1 is a dark moon inhabited by an evil lamia whose rattlesnake tail tipped the scales in ELO’s favor for the rest of the decade.

Original 7-inch single version

A1. Evil Woman (Jeff Lynne) (3:15)
B1. 10538 Overture (live at the Long Beach Auditorium, May 1974) (Jeff Lynne) (5:15)

Original 7-inch single version (Germany/Japan/New Zealand/Yugoslavia)
A1. Evil Woman (Jeff Lynne) (4:30)
B1. Nightrider (Jeff Lynne) (4:24)

Original 7-inch single version (Spain)
A1. Evil Woman (Jeff Lynne) (3:35)
B1. Poker (Jeff Lynne) (3:30)

The Plastic

Released on 7-inch single in November 1975 in the UK (Jet, JET 764), the US and Canada (United Artists, XW 729), Australia (Polydor, 2001 620), Germany and New Zealand (Polydor, 2001 622), Japan (Polydor, DP 4020), the Netherlands (Polydor, 2001 608) and Yugoslavia (RTB, S 53 938) with regional picture sleeve. Reached #10 on the UK charts and #10 on the US charts (charted on November 15, 1975 for 17 weeks).

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