[Review] Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (1976)

The #2 selling album of all time, behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Kronomyth 5.0: You can’t hide your lionizing.

You know, I almost reviewed this. Almost. But I have a little more respect for my time. For our time, really. Are Their Greatest Hits great? Please. It’s sold over 29 million copies in the US to date. 29 million. What are the chances you don’t already own it, don’t already have an opinion on it? Better to lecture you on the importance of breathing. (You really should.)

If only piracy weren’t crippling the recording industry, that 29 million might have swelled to 30 million. Fortunately, the RIAA is on it. They’ve identified the 12 piracy cities (not to be confused with the pirate cities such as Parrotsburgh and Aarghlington) where music piracy is the most, um, hot. (Apparently, it has a temperature.) Actually, the RIAA press release called them “havens” for music piracy (and no, New Haven wasn’t on the list, since it’s technically a hovel). The release goes on to state that 95% of all pirated music seized last year was urban or Latin music. (Crickets.) So, people, those pirated Eagles CDs are probably still out there. They’re still (because they’re only targeting black and hispanic people) out there.

Only kidding, since piracy is serious stuff. The idea of people making CDs in some Burner Lab in the United States without paying royalties sickens me. That’s just not the American way. Were they to move the lab to China and staff it with children, that would be a damned sight more American.

It’s their greatest hits, people. It’s not like you were going to get anything useful out of the review anyway. Just let it go.

Original LP Version

A1. Take It Easy (Jackson Browne/Glenn Frey) (3:29)
A2. Witchy Woman (Don Henley/Bernie Leadon) (4:10)
A3. Lyin’ Eyes (Don Henley/Glenn Frey) (6:21)
A4. Already Gone (Jack Tempchin/Rob Strandlund) (4:13)
A5. Desperado (Don Henley/Glenn Frey) (3:33)
B1. One of These Nights (Don Henley/Glenn Frey) (4:51)
B2. Tequila Sunrise (Don Henley/Glenn Frey) (2:52)
B3. Take It To The Limit (Randy Meisner/Don Henley/Glenn Frey) (4:48)
B4. Peaceful, Easy Feeling (Jack Tempchin) (4:16)
B5. Best of My Love (Don Henley/Glenn Frey/J.D. Souther) (4:35)

The Pictures

Cover art & lettering by El Bwyd de Valentine. Art direction & design by Boyd Elder & Glen Christensen. Cover photography by Tom Kelly Jr. Additional lettering by Henry Diltz.

The Plastic

Released on elpee and cassette on February 17, 1976 in the US (Asylum, 7E-1052), the UK (Asylum, K/K4 53017) and Germany (Asylum, AS 53017). Reached #1 on the US charts (RIAA-certified 29x platinum record) and #2 on the UK charts.

  1. Re-released on remastered compact disc in Japan (Asylum, WPCR-11567).
  2. Re-issued on elpee in 1998 in the US (DCC, LPZ-2051).

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