“Drive My Car” (1989)

[Kronomyth 2.1]
A Mainstream Rock Hit… and Run.

Singles from David Crosby appear about as often as comets, so his label marked the occasion with a music video. It’s not a great music video, but the fact that they kept the man vertical for four minutes is something of an achievement. “Drive My Car” is a solid modern rock track about a man looking for something: love, the past, jelly donuts, I’m not really sure. So solid, in fact, that it reached #3 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, which you younger readers may know as the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, not to be confused with the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart (formerly the Modern Rock Tracks chart). Just more of America’s everyone-gets-a-medal mentality at work again, making the world a more special place, one wiener at a time.

Promotional CD single
1. Music Is Love (Graham Nash/Neil Young/David Crosby) (3:17)

Original 7-inch single
A1. Drive My Car
B1. Tracks In The Dust

Original 12-inch single
1. Drive My Car
2. Tracks In The Dust
3. Flying Man

The Players
“Drive My Car” features David Crosby (vocals), Craig Doerge (synthesizer), Danny Kortchmar (guitar), David Lindley (slide guitar), Leland Sklar (bass) and Joe Vitale (drums). That’s Lindley on lead, in case you’re wondering.

The Plastic
Released on 7-inch and 12-inch on February 1989 in the UK (A&M, AM/AMY-500), Australia (A&M, K-798) and Germany (A&M, 390411). The 7-inch singles featured a photo picture sleeve. Also released as a one-track promotional CD single in 1989 in the US (A&M, CD-17701).

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