David Crosby Discography

david crosby imageThe iconic David Crosby has the distinction of being a member of two of the greatest American rock bands of all time: The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Unfortunately, since then he’s probably spent more time in rehab and prison than the recording studio, and his own legacy consists of an abortive solo career, a few mediocre alliances with Graham Nash and the latter-day CPR in which Crosby reunited with his biological son, James Raymond.

About once a decade, David Crosby begs off his quest to repopulate the planet just long enough to release a solo album and then it’s back to the (head)boards. Lord knows I’ve been buying his solo albums when I can in an effort to keep him in the studio more, but I’m just one person. If you wake up fifty years from now and find the world populated by man-walruses, you only have yourselves to blame.

And of course I’m only kidding. I don’t really think it will take fifty years.

The Discography

Music Is Love / Cowboy Movie / Tamalpais High (At About 3) / Laughing // What Are Their Names / Traction In The Rain / Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) / Orleans / I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here. Originally released on February 22, 1971 on elpee and 8-track in the US (Atlantic, SD/M8-7203), in the UK (Atlantic, 2401 005) and in Italy (Atlantic, W-40320); reached #12 on the US charts (certified gold) and #12 on the UK charts. Re-released on elpee, CD and cassette in the US (Atlantic, SD/CS-7203), in the UK (Atlantic, K-40320). Re-packaged as 2 Originals of David Crosby and Graham Nash with Nash’s Songs For Beginners on double elpee in Germany (Atlantic, 60 064). Re-released on 200g vinyl double-elpee (one-sided, 45 rpm) in 2005 in the US (Classic Records, SD-7203). Re-released on CD/DVD with one bonus track (“Kids And Dogs”) in 2006 in the UK (Rhino, 73204).

Music Is Love (1971)
b/w Laughing. Released on 7-inch on April 1971 in the US (Atlantic, 45-2792); reached #95 on the US charts.

Orleans (1971)
b/w Traction In The Rain. Released on 7-inch on July 1971 in the US (Atlantic, 45-2809), in the UK (Atlantic, 650225), in France (Atlantic, 650225L) and in Portugal (Atlantic, N-28112)

OH YES I CAN (1989)
Drive My Car / Melody / Monkey And The Underdog / In The Wide Ruin / Tracks In The Dust / Drop Down Mama / Lady of the Harbor / Distances / Flying Man / Oh Yes I Can / My Country ‘Tis of Thee. Released on CD on January 23, 1989 in the US (A&M CD 5232); reached#104 on the US charts.

Drive My Car (1989)
b/w Tracks In The Dust + Flying Man. Released on February 1989 on 7-inch, 12-inch and promotional CD single in the US (A&M, CD-17701), in the UK (A&M, AM/AMY-500), in Australia (A&M, K-798) and in Germany (A&M, 390 411-7).

Lady of the Harbor (1989)
b/w Drop Down Mama. Released on 7-inch on April 1989 in the UK (A&M, AM-502) and in Germany (A&M, 390 417-7).

Monkey And The Underdog (1989)
b/w Lady of the Harbor. Released in 1989 on promotional 7-inch and 3-inch CD single in Japan (A&M, SSP-28/Pony Canyon, S10Y-3064).

Hero (1993)
b/w Coverage + Fare Thee Well. Released on May 1993 on CD single in the US (Atlantic, PRCD-5060/87360), in the UK (Atlantic, A-7360CD) and in Germany (Atlantic, 85757); reached #44 on the US charts.

Hero / Too Young To Die / Old Soldier / Through Your Hands / Yvette In English / Thousand Roads / Columbus / Helpless Heart / Coverage / Natalie. Released on CD and cassette on May 4, 1993 in the US and UK (Atlantic, 82484-2/4), in Canada (Atlantic, CD-82484) and in Japan (Atlantic, AMCY-546); reached #133 on the US charts.

Through Your Hands (1993)
Released on promotional CD single in 1993 in the US (Atlantic, PRCD-5179).

In My Dreams / Rusty And Blue / Hero / Till It Shines  On You / 1000 Roads / Cowboy Movie / Almost Cut My Hair / Déjà vu / Long Time Gone / Wooden Ships. Released on CD on January 24, 1995 in the US and Germany (Atlantic, 82620).

Live tracks: Tracks In The Dust / Guinnevere / Compass / In My Dreams / Drive My Car / Lady of the Harbor / Oh Yes I Can / Monkey and the Underdog / Delta / Déjà vu / Night Time For The Generals / Wooden Ships / Almost Cut My Hair / Long Time Gone. Originally released on CD on August 1996 in the US (King Biscuit, 88007) and in Japan (Sony, SRCS-8125). Re-packaged as Greatest Hits Live and released on CD on October 21, 2003 in the US (King Biscuit, 40025).

LIVE (2000)
Live tracks: Tracks In The Dust / Compass / Delta / Déjà vu / Almost Cut My Hair / Guinnevere / Lady of the Harbor / Oh Yes I Can / Wooden Ships / Long Time Gone. Released on CD on May 4, 2000 in the US (Capitol Special Markets, 24498). This appears to be an edited repackaging of the earlier King Biscuit disc.

DÉJÀ VU (2001)
Wooden Ships / Compass / Lady of the Harbor / Oh Yes I Can / Monkey And The Underdog / Guinnevere / Déjà vu / Delta / Tracks In The Dust / Almost Cut My Hair / Nighttime For The Generals / In My Dreams / Drive My Car / Long Time Gone. Released on CD on December 30, 2001 in the Netherlands (Disky, SI-64037).

VOYAGE (2006)
Eight Miles High / Renaissance Fair / Everybody’s Been Burned / Wooden Ships / Guinnevere / Long Time Gone / Déjà vu / Almost Cut My Hair / Tamalpais High (At About 3) / Laughing / Music Is Love / Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) / What Are Their Names / I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here / Where Will I Be / Page 43 / Critical Mass / Carry Me / Naked In The Rain / Dancer // Shadow Captain / In My Dreams / Delta / Compass / Tracks In The Dust / Arrows / Hero / Yvette In English / Rusty And Blue / Somehow She Knew / Breathless / Map To Buried Treasure / At The Edge / Through Here Quite Often / My Country ‘Tis of Thee // Long Time Gone / Guinnevere / Almost Cut My Hair / Games / Déjà vu / Triad / Cowboy Movie / Kids And Dogs / Have You Seen The Stars Tonite / Lee Shore / Traction In The Rain / King of the Mountain / Homeward Through The Haze / Samurai / Climber / Dream For Him. Released as three-CD boxed set on November 21, 2006 in the UK (Rhino, 77628).

Long Time Gone / Guinnevere / Everybody’s Been Burned / Almost Cut My Hair / Laughing / Carry Me / Tracks In The Dust / Yvette In English / Breathless / Cowboy Movie / Climber. Released on promotional CD in 2006 in the US (Rhino, PRCD-400164).

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