The Cure: “High” (1992)

[Kronomyth 13.01]
The Mything Link (Where That Nasty Kronomyth Business Started).

Kronomyth, or The Adventures of Mebyl Spaetzmann, chapter the first. This is the advance satellite from KM.14, indicating that there were plenty of planets of interest ahead in the constellation of The Cure. “High” sailed smoothly into the UK quadrant, stalled after a near-collision in the US quadrant, and entered the select company of iProbable songs from this magical band. Here it appears in a shortened single mix, a dizzier high mix, and comes on the cd single with two new asteroids clinging to its orbit: “This Twilight Garden” and “Play.” The asteroids are album-worthy, the first languid and lovely (at least to the ears of longtime Curists), the second stuck in a slow orbit but not without merit. Captain Mebyl found a strange, 12-inch plastic disc that contains a rare trip mix, which collectors might wish to mine for their own.

Original 7-inch and Cassette Single Versions
A1. High (Single Mix)
B1. This Twilight Garden

12-inch Single Version
1. High (Single Mix)
2. This Twilight Garden
3. Play

12-inch single (clear vinyl)
1. High (Trip Mix)
2. Open (Fix Mix)

CD Single Version
1. High (Single Mix) 3:33
2. This Twilight Garden 4:43
3. Play 4:34
4. High (Higher Mix) 7:13

All songs written by Robert Smith/Simon Gallup/Porl Thompson/Boris Williams/Perry Bamonte.

The Players
Mixed by Mark Saunders. Produced by David M. Allen and The Cure.

The Plastic
Released on 7-inch, 12-inch, CD and cassette single on February 27, 1992 in the UK (Fiction, FICS/FICSX/FICCD/FICCS-39), US (Elektra, 66437/464766), Australia (Fiction, 903177164), France (Fiction, 4211) and Germany (Fiction, 865564-7/2); reached #8 on the UK charts (charted March 28, 1992 for 3 weeks) and #42 on the US charts. Original 7-inch single featured a picture sleeve. Also released on clear vinyl 12-inch in 1992 in the UK (Fiction, FICSX-41) with two unique mixes.

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