[Discography] The Baker Gurvitz Army

After the airforce, Ginger Baker joined the army. Specifically, Three Man Army. Some hard rock ensued, but nothing to make you forget Cream.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Army and the Airforce joined forces to fight the good fight. The Baker Gurvitz Army is, as its name suggests, an amalgam of brothers Adrian and Paul Gurvitz (two-thirds of Three Man Army) and the enigmatic Mr. Baker on drums and occasional vocals. Though you could argue that the band was influenced by Cream (really, who wasn’t?), their sound landed them closer to Uriah Heep: hard rock with delusions of grandeur (although you can count me among the deluded). Baker’s mercurial impermanence being what it is, the ticking timebomb in the room, it was only a matter of time before the Baker Gurvitz Army imploded. Before the ink on their alliance was dry, the whirling Gurvitzes had jumped ship (mixing my military metaphors) to join the Graeme Edge Band for two albums, Kick Off Your Muddy Boots (1975) and Paradise Ballroom (1977).

The Baker Gurvitz Army Discography

Help Me / Love Is / Memory Lane / Inside of Me / I Wanna Live Again // Mad Jack / 4 Phil / Since Beginning. Released on elpee on January 10, 1975 in the US (Janus, JXS-7015) and the UK (Vertigo, 9103 201) with lyrics innersleeve; reached #22 on the UK charts and #140 on the US charts. Re-issued on compact disc in 1994 in the UK (Repertoire, REP 4163). Re-issued on compact disc on February 28, 2011 in the UK (Esoteric, ECLEC-2247).

Help Me (1975)
b/w I Wanna Live Again. Released on 7-inch in March 1975 in the UK (Vertigo, 6078 211).

Space Machine (1975)
b/w The Dreamer. Released on 7-inch in August 1975 in the UK (Mountain, TOP 2).

People / The Key / Time / The Gambler / The Dreamer / Remember / The Artist / The Hustler. Released on elpee in September 1975 in the UK (Mountain, TOPS 101), the US (Atco,SD36-123) and Japan (Vertigo, RJ-7023). Re-released on CD in September 1993 in Germany (Repertoire, REP 4888).

The Gambler (1975)
b/w Time. Released on 7-inch in October 1975 in the UK (Mountain, TOP 4).

Night People (1976)
b/w Dancing The Night Away. Released on 7-inch in 1976 in the UK (Mountain, TOP 15).

Tracks of My Life (1976)
b/w The Artist. Released on 7-inch in April 1976 in the UK (Mountain, TOP 10).

Hearts On Fire / Neon Lights / Smiling / Tracks of My Life / Flying In And Out of Stardom / Dancing The Night Away / My Mind Is Healing / Thirsty For The Blues / Night People / Mystery. Released on elpee and cassette in May 1976 in the UK (Mountain, TOPS 111), the US (Atco, SD36-137) and Germany (Vertigo, 6370 416).

Dancing The Night Away (1976)
b/w Night People. Released on 7-inch in June 1976 in the UK (Mountain).

Live tracks: Wotever It Is / The Gambler / Freedom / For Phil / Remember / Memory Lane / People. Released on CD in 2003 in the US (GB Music).

LIVE IN DERBY ’75 (2005)
Live tracks: The Hustler / Space Machine / Remember / White Room / Neon Lights / Inside of Me / Memory Lane / Sunshine of Your Love / The Artist / Freedom / Time / Going To Heaven. Released on CD on March 21, 2005 (Major League Productions).

Released on 2CD in 2005 in Canada (Sanctuary).

LIVE IN MILAN 76 (2010)
Live tracks: Hearts On Fire / People / Night People / White Room / Mystery / Thirsty For The Blues / Neon Lights / Inside of Me / Memory Lane / Drum Solo / Sunshine of Your Love / Time / Smokestack Lightning / Hearts On Fire (Reprise). Released on 2CD in 2010 in the UK (Voiceprint, VPTMQ-054CD).

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