Asia: “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” (1983)

[Kronomyth 2.2]
Downes in the Dumps.

I read that John wrote this song for Geoff Downes in five minutes, which sounds about right. Although it’s one of my least favorite Asia songs, I admit that I find myself humming it often, so maybe I’m not giving it enough credit. The band released a sophisticated video to support it: a miniature French film about divorce that ends with a little girl jumping off a bridge. I know, right, just when you thought the song couldn’t be any more depressing. Truly, the best of Asia represented the worst of times: loneliness, depression, nuclear war. The B side is another overlooked Steve Howe contribution, poppier than most of what made it onto Alpha, although it feels like the finishing touches for it are missing.

Original 7-inch Single Version
A1. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (John Wetton) (3:13)
B1. Lying To Yourself (John Wetton/Steve Howe) (4:12)

12-inch Single Version
A1. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
B1. Lying To Yourself
B2. Midnight Sun

Back-to-Back Hits 7-inch Single
A1. Don’t Cry (John Wetton/Geoff Downes) (3:25)
B1. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (John Wetton)  (3:13)

The Plastic
Released on 7-inch, 7-inch blue vinyl and 12-inch red vinyl single in October 1983 in the UK (Geffen, A/TA 3836), the US (Geffen, 7-29475), Australia (Geffen, GEF29475), Canada (Geffen, 92 94757) and the Netherlands (Geffen, GEFA 3836) with picture sleeve; reached #34 on the US charts (charted on October 15, 1983 for 20 weeks). UK versions feature unique picture sleeve.

  1. Re-released on 7-inch single in the US (Geffen Back-to-Back Hits, GGEF 0484) with “Don’t Cry.”

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