AC/DC: “Danger” (1985)

Kronomyth 11.1: RODNEY DANGERFEEL. A little caution is in order here, since AC/DC was currently struggling to generate any electricity in the studio. Maybe it was the loss of longtime drummer Phil Rudd, but it felt like work not fun on Fly. Back in business indeed. Both this and the B side are identical to the elpee versions, so if you already own the album, I’m sorry. It’s a good thing the metal armies had new recruits like Metallica and Megadeth and Anthrax, because the old metal magicians like AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Dio were wand’ing aimlessly as the 80s progressed (regressed?). Of course, that’s only my opinion and there seems to be no shortage of AC/DC fans who will tell you that album X is their all-time favorite, even when X equals Flick of The Switch or Fly On The Wall. I do appreciate that AC/DC was trying to keep things simple at a time when most rock guitarists were more worried about their makeup than their pickups, but there’s a thin line between simple and stupid which “Danger” would seem to cross. I don’t have any gripes about “Back In Business;” it’s rock solid and would have made my shortlist for a third single. Note that the Australian single featured “Hell Or High Water” on the B side, a song that also has the less-than-rare distinction of being better than “Danger.”

Original 7-inch Version
A1. Danger (Malcolm Young/Angus Young/Brian Johnson) (4:22)
B1. Back In Business (Malcolm Young/Angus Young/Brian Johnson) (4:22)

Australian 7-inch Version
A1. Danger
B1. Hell Or High Water

Did You Know?

  • The band performs a “live” version of “Danger” for their Fly On The Wall video film, but that was as close as audiences got to hearing a live version of “Danger”—they’ve never played it in any concert.

The Plastic
Released on 7-inch, 7-inch with poster sleeve, 7-inch shaped picture disc and 12-inch on June 28, 1985 in the US (Atlantic, 7-89532), the UK (Atlantic, A9532/W/P/T), Canada and Germany (Atlantic, 78 95327) and Japan (Atlantic, P-1991); reached #48 on the UK charts (charted July 6, 1985 for 4 weeks). Released on 7-inch in 1985 in Australia (Albert, AP-1544) with a different B side, “Hell Or High Water.” Regional versions feature different picture sleeves. Also released as a one-track promotional 12-inch in 1985 in the US (Atlantic, PR-750).

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