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The Baker Gurvitz Army (1975)

Kronomyth 1.0: Tales From Toadagraphic Oceans. Baker, the mad beserker, and a pair of hired Guns (the Brothers Gurvitz) storm through seven songs of hard/progressive rock (and one unfortunate ballad), for which the world is (mostly) a better place, if only for forty minutes. Not so much different from what the original Three Man Army set out to do, I suppose, except that Baker’s neverending battle against boredom produces interesting results such as the drum solo on “Memory Lane” or “Mad Jack” (another of Ginger’s odd tales). If pressed for a list of the 70s better guitarists, few of us would find “Adrian Gurvitz” ready on the lips, largely, it appears, because of underexposure in bands like this. He is, in fact, a smart and succinct rock guitarist, a more-than-serviceable vocalist and a songwriter of no small merit. “Help Me,” “Inside of Me” and “Since Beginning” (itself a worthy citizen of Yes’ Topographic Oceans) are as good as anything that the mid Seventies progressive movement produced (with the caveat that many progressive bands were moving to the melodic, short-form fringes of rock at that point in time). Many of Ginger Baker’s experiments were better than they were given credit for, and while time has forgotten The Baker Gurvitz Army, you don’t need to slavishly follow time and its preening ways as it courts the fickle present. Instead, go behind time’s back and dig this one out of the past; it’s worth the effort, particularly if you’re partial to hard/progressive acts (e.g., Uriah Heep, Rainbow).

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